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Jake Rowland, MFLE, QMHP, BCBC-I

Jake Rowland Biblical Counselor, Teen Counselor

Jake Counsels…

-Teens (11+ years)

-Pastoral Staff & Church Leadership in Faith-Based Counseling
-Veterans (& American Legion Referrals)

Jake Helps With…

 Biblical Counseling
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Teen Issues
 Family Issues
 Veteran Care
 Stress Burnout
 Pre-Marital Counseling
 Spiritual Issues
 Trauma/Abuse
 Crisis Care
 Sexual Abuse
 Suicide Intervention
 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
 Motivational Interviewing
 Parenting Issues
 Nutritional/Health Planning
 General Counseling Methods

About Jake:
Jake has a wife and two school-aged children that are at the center of his inspiration. After beginning his career as a case manager in an outpatient mental health clinical setting, Jake successfully ventured into
the business world for a number of years. Recently he has returned to his first love of counseling and guiding individuals to a better state of life. It is his hope that by implementing Biblical principles, Psychological/Counseling Methodology and understanding of his clients that he may help provide a fruitful and prosperous experience for those he counsels.

Jake is an Honor Graduate of Texas A&M Commerce, a Marriage & Family Life Educator, completing his hours as a Certified Biblical Counselor and also continues to self-educate receiving further certifications to aid his clients on their journey to self-fulfillment. Jake is thoroughly involved in his home church (with teen and adult groups) and community aiding in various efforts to be a willing vessel in a world that needs hope and healing.

A Message from Jake:
With personal maturity comes a desire to be better version of ourselves. Some of us grow up in adverse environments filled with abuse, neglect or disapproval that do not cultivate the skills we need for a successful and fulfilling life. Other individuals have a seemingly well-adjusted upbringing but struggle to find emotional control, meaning or purpose within their lives for a variety of reasons. Others may have something happen along the way of their adult journey that may send them on an unexpected detour. It is my hope and commitment, that with the help of God I will be able to help cultivate a sense of healing, confidence, and direction in the lives of those who seek therapy.
Jake has done motivational speaking for over 50,000+ people and in 15+ states regarding trauma, abuse and overcoming the odds. Jake received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) and returned 6 years
annually as a youth leadership counselor. He has over 10+ years of experience with the teenage population and 4+ years with adults. He has also done three mission trips to South America with focuses on: basic needs, evangelism, medical missions, and mental health. Jake has been involved with Cognitive Psychology research and graduated his program with academic honors. He authored a Cognitive Enhancement Therapy curriculum still used by state-governed non- profit organizations. His drive and love for those in need of therapeutic care continue to push him to
new heights and education to better serve those within his practice.

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