Sheila Whitney - Life, ADD & ADHD Coach

Sheila coaches...

Women, Men, 

Couples & Families


Sheila helps with...

  • Life adjustment

  • Stress management

  • Life management

  • Job loss

  • Career change

  • Martial & relationship issues

  • Financial freedom

  • Business leadership & decisions

  • Entrepreneurial leadership

  • Loss of faith

  • Spiritual issues

  • Family management

Sheila is a Master Certified Life Coach through Light University and AACC. She holds several certifications in Christian Coaching. 

  • Confidence Life Coach Certification

  • Discover Your Life Purpose Certification

  • Financial Coach Certification

  • Essential Life Coaching Skills Certification

  • Business Coach

  • Business Branding Certification

A Message From Sheila:

I don’t know your story, but I do know that life can be full of tough moments. Changing circumstances can cause us to lose our true sense of purpose. You may be questioning whether your life is making a real difference anymore.


Sometimes, we just feel stuck. Maybe you are at a job where you aren’t using the gifts and talents God gave you. Perhaps you have been busy taking care of others for years who no longer require it. Maybe you have relocated or your children have left home.


Wherever you are, if you’re feeling lost and directionless, you know that ultimately you were made for more!


As a Christian Life Coach, I encourage women to find God’s vision for their life.  I challenge and motivate women to clarify God’s direction for their life, to gain confidence, commitment, and to move forward to the place where they are now to where God wants them to be.


Sheila has enjoyed 34 years of marriage and is mom to 2 adult sons and 2 daughters-in-law.  She and her husband are partners at the Quest church in Royse City where they serve in the cafe.   Sheila also serves on the Royse City Main Street Board as the secretary and chair of the Organization committee.