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~from LaTonya

Erin was very personable and interacted with my fiance' and I just as much, if not more,

as she interacted with the other couple. I was very impressed at Erin's impact on the Texas

laws/requirements for marriage licenses and how she has evolved her own business. She also didn't

mind exposing herself and allowing us to see that not even her own marriage is "perfect" and how

they employ the tactics taught in class for their marriage as well. Relative to the class itself, there

were a lot of "ah ha" moments between my fiance' and I. I especially liked the card game we played

that helped us understand who we were individually from a financial perspective. The only

recommendation I'd add is for Erin to consider adding a section in the beginning of the class

that highlights more of Texas state laws as it pertains to marriage, as some may not be able to locate that information easily. I think it would be a great addition to the information already provided - all you need to know in one central location. Overall, the class was a great tool in our pre-marital journey, and is likely a good foundation before starting our one-on-one pre-marital counseling sessions. I would definitely recommend Erin's services to other newly engaged couples!



Erin, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my mother. After the loss of our dad, we never thought things could get so bad. Thank you for helping her to find life again and for helping our family in so many different ways.



We came to Erin for help with our 13-year-old daughter, she was suicidal and we were really scared. Our daughter not only was able to heal from those dark thoughts, but we have learned how our family as a whole needed to work on things. Thank you so much for giving us our daughter back,  


~from Jack

I did not want to go to counseling. My wife made me, but I am so glad I did. Ms. Kincaid was awesome and never made it feel uncomfortable or like everything was my fault. I have grown as a husband and a man of God.



Erin is amazing with her pre-marriage classes. She is very informative and fun. I couldn't believe all the great information she provided. Definitely a class all couples should attend before marriage. Erin is great and easy-going. Made everything fun and interesting as well as educational.



Erin Kincaid was our pre-marriage counselor with the TwoGether in Texas program and provided instruction on effective communication, financial management, and conflict resolution. She provided us with wonderful and invaluable relationship skills to take into our impending marriage.



Erin was amazing as a counselor. I had visited with another counselor that said she was Christian but kept telling me that un-Biblical behaviors in my relationships were normal. Erin was honest, forthright and always leads you in the right direction. I can see real healing and change in my life.


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