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Lori Woodford, RN, BCNC
Board Certified Nurse Coach,
Faith Family Nurse, Biblical Counseling & Certified Financial Wellness Counselor

Lori Woodford, RN, BCNC_edited.jpg

Lori helps clients ages 13+ with:

Chronic Illnesses

   (Diabetes, Heart Disease,

   High Blood Pressure,

   High Cholesterol,

   and other medical issues.)
Weight Management

Individual Nutrition/Activity Plans)

Financial Competency and Wellness

Biblical Counseling & Faith-based Mental Health

Cognitive Restructuring
Boundary Setting
Employment/Career Decisions

Lori is a Registered Nurse & a Board Certified Nurse Coach.

She holds a Master of Science degree in
Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Board Certification as a Nurse Coach from The
American Holistic Nursing Credentialing Corporation.

A Message from Lori:
If you could be or do anything in the world, what would it be? Do you believe transformation is
possible? We are all on a journey and I have a passion for helping others move from where they are, to where they want to be-in other words, bridging the gap. I love helping others take control of their health well-being-physically, medically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc.


Being a health care provider for over 20 years, I have truly grown to love and appreciate functional medicine and work with clients from a holistic approach.

What does this mean?

I believe that clients are experts of their own
bodies- I see them as a WHOLE person. Not every nutrition and exercise plan work for everybody- I can validate this from my own personal health journey. With a holistic approach, I assist clients by meeting them where they are, and together we create a customized plan to reach their vision. We not only examine the area they are seeking help with, but the body as a whole-physically, spiritually, emotionally, environmentally, etc. to provide balance.

I am not a replacement for your medical provider, and I do not prescribe or adjust medications in any way. If you are currently on medication for an illness that you have been diagnosed with, and have a desire to wean or eliminate your medication, I can coach you as a nurse in a plan to make lifestyle changes to reach your desired goals. All medication decisions are made between you and your medical provider.

I look forward to taking this journey with you. I will be your biggest cheerleader along the way-I will also be the one that will hold you accountable when obstacles get in the way. I can’t wait for you to experience a healthier, more confident version of YOU.

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