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Who Goes to Counseling?

Counseling Issues

For many people, counseling can seem very scary. It is intimating to sit in a room with a total stranger and share your deepest thoughts. And how do you know that your issues are counseling worthy? That can be a big deterrent as well, as many people are not sure they need to see a counselor.

So, in honor of that, I thought I'd share with you some of the reasons people have come into my office and started the process of healing through Christian/Biblical counseling.

Relationship issues Depression Survivor issues Anger Anxiety Panic attacks Physical abuse Emotional abuse Body image issues Women’s issue PTSD Low self-esteem Artistic and creative blocks Sexual addiction

Decision making




Fear & Worry

As you can see, the list is long and this is not all. With every new person who sits on my couch, we explore new issues. The point is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone is dealing with something and there is no shame in asking for a little guidance. It shows true courage to address your issues and you can rest assured that you will find healing and care if you find the right counselor.

I pray that you find healing on your journey and if you are in need of any help, for any reason, I am a phone call or a text away.

Face your fears, don't live in chains anymore.


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