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What Now?

WE made it. Some us fared better than others. Some of us are sipping hot tea, sucking down ibuprofen and breathing a sigh of relief that the holiday gathering is over. Others of us are curled into a fetal position in the corner licking our wounds- wounds inflicted by people that were supposed to love us, no matter what.

So what now? Do we wait around for another year just to face the same troubles again? Do we bury our feelings and thoughts so that we don't have to remember what our least favorite aunt, parent or child said to us?

No, we don't. And, God does not want us to, either. The Bible tells us that what is done in darkness will be brought to light and that those things that are of the dark, they cannot exist in the light.

What does that mean? Quite simply, it means that the ugly that is pressed upon us by others cannot co-exists where God is. So, if you are one of the unlucky ones, and don't for a second think you are alone because there are many of us, you need to get where God is. Seek Him. Pray for His presence to enter your space. Light drives out darkness. Love covers, or better yet, conquers a multitude of sins. Where two or more are gathered, He is with you. So get with a believing friend. Dig out your Bible from underneath the discarded wrapping paper and marinate in God's love letter to you.

No matter if you are facing depression, or anxiety, or any other issue. A faithful and loving Christian counselor can help you process through the therapy you need to make sure your wounds are healed. You don't want to let things fester and dampen your chance at a healthy and fantastic 2018. Whether you want to see a psychologist for cognitive behavioral therapy or your marriage needs a little marriage counseling , your mental wellness and mental health are the key to you being victorious over those who might have done you harm- whether they meant to or not.

In 2018, take care of yourself. Be kind to you. Spend time with the Lord so that He can drive out any unsavory darkness that would try to do you in. Reaching out to someone for help might just be the best thing you do this entire season, or year, for that matter.

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